Console? PC? Smartphone? No matter what your favorite device is, in OXABYO you will find what you love.

Join our community of gamers, make friends, and play against the world's best players during exciting live events. From New Delhi to Rome, from Nairobi to London: eSports have no borders.

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Players from all over the world, welcome home. Attend or organize events and go for it. Whatever your favorite video game, you will find your place here. Train hard, work hard, and go hard!


Join a global community that shares the same passions as you. Organize and participate in social gaming events, regardless of your favorite console or where you come from. Bring your passions, in Oxabyo there are thousands of people to share them with.


Earn money by playing? In Oxabyo it is possible. Organize events and tournaments or give your best and join a team as an gamers. Unleash your passions and monetize them.

Find out more about the platform that is revolutionizing the world of gaming

Esports are the engine of sociality. Organize and participate in live streaming events and connect with gamers from around the world. Beyond the geographical barriers, in Oxabyo there are already those who are cheering for you!

What kind of gamers are you?
Find it out through our proprietary algorithm that takes into account your performance, ability to create connections and monetize.

Connect, text and have fun. It's like playing with your best friend on the couch. But now your friends can be thousands and live anywhere in the world.



Oxabyo, where your passions are at home: events, tournaments, challenges. Gamers' paradise is here! Have you already chosen who to play against?


Connect with your community, increase your fan base and create greater engagement. Free your passions, there are millions of people ready to cheer for you!


In Oxabyo you will find close- knit communities and gamers from all over the world. Break down the barriers, and get ready to organize next generation events!

"I have always thought that social gaming can be the main engine of inclusion.
It doesn't matter where you come from, or who you are. Here what matters is only your passion for e-Sports.
Play hard and get ready to become whoever you want."

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